Get dryer vent cleaning services in Spring Lake, Fruitport, Muskegon, Grand Haven, MI & surrounding areas

You probably know that your dryer vent can become clogged. While you may clean out the lint trap after every use, that won't stop some lint and dust from getting into the vent. That's why you should call on an experienced technician for dryer vent cleaning services.

AAA Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning can do the job. Our crew uses special tools to get into your dryer vent and clean out the accumulated dust and debris. After we're done, your dryer will perform better and you'll be avoiding the risk of a fire.

Hire a dryer vent cleaner in Spring Lake, Muskegon, Fruitport & Grand Haven, MI today to ensure that your dryer stays safe and works efficiently.

The most important reasons to get your dryer vent cleaned

The most important reasons to get your dryer vent cleaned

To summarize, you'll want to have your dryer vent cleaned periodically because:

  • A dryer vent cleaning service can improve your dryer's efficiency.
  • Removing clogs of dust and dirt can help prevent a fire.
  • A cleaned-out dryer vent will save you money on energy costs.
Trust a local dryer vent cleaner to make sure your dryer is working for you and not against you. Call 616-844-2500 today to schedule service.

Tips for better dryer efficiency

  1. Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct. Periodic cleaning prevents lint buildup, which would otherwise impede the airflow and increase dry time. Perhaps most importantly, though, regular maintenance prevents an appliance fire. You should have your dryer vent hose cleaned once a year, and inspect the vent for any blockages at least every 6 months.
  2. Shorten the dryer hose. The hose only needs to be long enough to reach your dryer, situated just a few feet away from the wall. A shorter hose requires less energy to pump moisture-laden air out of the machine than a full-length one, so your dryer can do its job up to 20 percent faster.
  3. Remove lint from the filter screen. Emptying the lint screen after each load is another task that’s absolutely necessary because of lint’s flammability. If the screen gets too clogged, the dryer may overheat and automatically shut off as a safety precaution. In some cases, the tumbler still rotates and blows, so you won’t realize the heating elements are off until you open the door to find a pile of wet clothes. Forgo a fire and any wasted time by keeping it clean.
  4. Don’t overload the dryer. It’s a mistake to think stuffing the dryer will save you time—it actually has the opposite effect. Clothes need room to tumble so heated air can pass over and through each item, so keep your load to a minimum for maximum effectiveness.
  5. Resist opening the door. Whenever you open the dryer door mid-cycle, warm air escapes, and a little more time is needed to completely dry the load. Plus, if you’re adding a forgotten item, the single sopping wet piece in a partially dry load throws off your clothes dryer’s moisture detector. That means some clothes might be over-dried and others still damp. To avoid this, resolve to sticking stragglers on a drying rack, instead.
  6. Throw in the towel—literally. If you have a few items you need to dry fast, toss them into the dryer with a large, dry towel to absorb some of the moisture. After 15 minutes, remove the towel and hang it up to dry; otherwise it will continue to contribute to the moisture level in the dryer and extend the drying time, thus defeating the purpose. Then, when you check on the rest of the items in another five to 10 minutes, you should find the load ready to go.